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What is your exercise personality?
Across the human race, every individual has a unique and special character, but these can be categorized very broadly into certain personality types.

Personality types determine what activities we enjoy, by which methods we learn and think best, how we discipline and motivate ourselves, etc. Therefore, when embarking on an exercise plan, it is best to devise a routine that best suits your personality.

Do you thrive on changes and uncertainty, or are you a creature of habit who finds it hard to break out of the mould? Will you perform best when competing against others or does being left alone to set and break your own goals hit the spot for you? The following questions will help you learn more about your exercise personality, and allow you to determine which activities work best for you.

Whenever I think about exercising,
I immediately and happily think of putting on my running shoes.
I really want to get to my feet but, gosh, I need someone to give me a push so badly.
I dread the idea of moving a muscle, but am happy once I get up and about.
I enjoy exercising:
by myself at my own pace, free to speed it up to full throttle or slow it down to a hum however I wish
with a team or group
with a professional, coach or trainer
I exercise because:
I want to improve my health
It helps me relax and manage stress
It makes me feel good and I just feel like it
When I take part in a physical activity, I usually:
Tag along and hop on when someone else has organised the activity
Attend a group exercise class
Get active depending on what I’m in the mood for
The type of activity I enjoy most is:
Adventurous, sometimes extreme, sports like white-water rafting, diving and mountain climbing
Simple, easy-to-learn sports that can be done at one’s own leisure, like in-line skating and swimming
Competitive sports such as races and racquet sports the likes of basketball, tennis and soccer
I prefer sports that require
Little or no equipment
Lots of gear
A few very basic items, that’s all. The best is if I can head out with nothing more than just the singlet on my back!
My leadership style is:
To inspire people to develop their fullest potential
Resolve conflicts as and when they arise
Set clear policies and procedures from the start to minimize disputes
What is my preference when planning activities at work or at home?
I like to see the overall picture
I like to work as fast as I can and move on to do something else
I like to be systematic and pay attention to details
This is what I do when trying to resolve a problem at work or at home.
Come up with an innovative solution
Quickly fix it and not dwell on it
Use tried and tested solutions
My friends say that I am:
A person who holds firm to my opinions and is not easily swayed
A person who changes my mind often
A person who is intellectually curious, always seeking to learn new things

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